Change Makers

If you would like to tell us about a Change Maker in the areas of Neurodiversity, Disability, Mental Health, Addictions, or Poverty, please click here.  


In 2019, while still a teenager, Autistic self-advocate and disability educator, Damon Kirsebom, launched a campaign in British Columbia, Canada, calling for equitable access to education for students with disabilities with the video, Education is a Human Right. His 2030 Project aligns with the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development, specifically goal number 4: quality education. Damon continues to produce creative educational and advocacy videos on his YouTube Channel.


Integrated Dance Studio Owner, Heidi Latsky, is a leader in disability inclusion in dance and founder of On Display Global – international events she describes as “an immersive experience at the intersection of dance, fashion and art, transforming each venue into a unique gallery space.” On Display has been held around the world since 2017 on the International Day of Disabled Persons. Learn more about Heidi Latsky Dance and consider bringing global phenomenon On Display to a location in your community.


Hidden Disability Symbol Advocate Laura Brydges has petitioned “ the Government of Canada to ‘adopt and promote a national Hidden Disability Symbol, and lead or participate in actions toward its international adoption’.” She has conducted multiple disability surveys and has also designed and freely shares a digital hidden disability symbol on social media. Learn more here.


Disabled founder of Canadian Advocacy Group, #PeopleFightingPoverty, Les relies on small regular donations to supplement his social assistance income. He created a no-barrier outreach service to share these donations with people in poverty who contact him. To help Les and others living in poverty, you can send a contribution of any size by e-transfer or PayPal It is devastating to learn from a Twitter post that Les is currently contemplating MAiD because he cannot afford to live as a Disabled person—not because he wishes to die. Watch an interview on the CBC.