About the Products

Our styles and sizing are intentional. The style, patterns, and colours of our Little sizes match that of our Big sizes because we recognize that not all adults are big and not all children fit small sizes. We avoid infantilizing styles and patterns so ensure adult Little People, and other small adults, can have equitable access to our clothing.

Our use of the terms Big and Little for sizing is our way to re-imagine size and reinforce body positivity. Our Big and Little sizes reflect large frames and small frames respectively. We want to eliminate the idea of “the perfect body,” prized by an elitist fashion industry. The traditional idea that an adult should strive for particular size sets young people up for eating disorders that result from body dysmorphia (the idea that one or more parts of your body/appearance is deeply flawed).

While our textile manufacturer does not have access to expensive seamless technology, they have worked with us to make our clothing sensory conscious: using comfortable material, the softest threads available, tagless inside labels, cuff seams sewn on the outside of the shirt rather than the inside, and the use of block print over embroidery for our logo and other print.

We add messages to our clothing (and advertising) to remind Neurodivergent people and Disabled communities, that their minds and bodies are beautiful they way they are, and to make their allies just a little easier to find in a crowd. Our clothes are gender-neutral in style and size so that our customers can make clothing choices without limiting gender stereotypes reinforced by the fashion industry.

As a small start up brand, we acknowledge that the accessibility of our clothing is limited, particularly to physically disabled people who require the type of adaptations to make them easier to put on, take off, and mobilize in comfortably. It is our intention to become increasingly inclusive with our clothing adaptations, sizes, and styles as we grow in finances and design support.