Our Story


Chromosome is a Canadian start-up brand that leverages fashion to build a culture of inclusion which supports and celebrates diversity. Chromosome uses style as a means to unearth the beauty of real human beings — in all our variations — as we remove outdated stigmas attached to disability, mental health, addictions, size & gender.

Our Inspiration💕



Q: Our Message in a Nutshell?

A: It’s time to design a world where everyone fits. If you fit in, then make room for those who don’t. If you’re different, stop hiding. Own it.

Q: What do we consider when creating our clothing?

A: Ethical and sustainable sourcing. We strive for consistency between our ideals and practices. Simplicity of style - not getting caught up in unnecessary size, age, and gender stereotypes. Comfort and Sensory-Consciousness so that clothing isn’t irritating or restrictive to wear.

Q: What makes us more than an apparel brand?

A: Our messaging/advertising is driven by the desire for cultural change;

We provide education with respect for lived experience of neurodivergence, mental health, disability, addictions, and poverty;

We provide a hub for resources and to build social capital for people and communities whose value has been overlooked by society and highlight inclusion changemakers;

We offer space to marginalized (systemically excluded) people to advertise as well as reach out for help from our website users;

We remain on the lookout for ways to improve the lives of marginalized people/communities.

Q: Who Should Wear Our Clothes?

A: Anyone interested in elevating fashion to foster more inclusive communities:

Proud Neurodivergent and Disabled people, including people with mental health conditions and/or addictions;

Allies—people who want to make room for different;

People who want to feel good in their clothes without distraction of size, age, or gender expectations.