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Small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on someone else's life as well as our own. Many Disabled or otherwise marginalized people live on insufficient incomes. Even basic purchases, like food or medical supplies, become luxury items they cannot access. Your help with even one small item is a message to someone that they are not alone.

Each wish list on this page belongs to someone who has reached out for some support with purchases or a little help to make ends meet. Each person is represented by an image of something that makes them smile.

Jennifer’s Wishlist

“I'm on ODSP (Ontario Disability). I struggle with very bad anxiety. I’m home 99.9 percent of the time. I used to be able to afford the basics, but now since COVID prices have gone up. It's hard to just make ends meet. It's pretty bad when your essentials have turned into luxuries and need to go on a list of 'not getting it this month'.”
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Kelly's Wishlist

Kelly is a mother on an insufficient Disability income: “We all have the right to compassion and a livable income.” She and her son would appreciate some support in purchasing these items. She told us the food items are the most urgent ones on her wish list.

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Steph's Wishlist

“I’m currently on Ontario Works as I’m fighting to appeal my ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) refusal.  I live on 800 dollars a month, 700 of which goes toward her rent.  I have to spread the rest of the 100 dollars remaining on food, medication, clothing, and other such things.  I haven't really been able to safely leave my home since the start of the pandemic, and the increased cost of deliveries and rising costs of items is getting worse.  Some stuff on this list is a dream item, some of it is self-identifying, some of it is food or other quality of life items.  Anything at all helps, thank you so much.”

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Victor's Wishlist

“Disabled Canadian living on Ontario Disability Support (ODSP) trying to keep my sense of humour… while advocating for others.” He has asked for help buying a new bed for himself and his partner Cathi.

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This page is a low-barrier safe space for marginalized people living on insufficient incomes. If you’d like to be added to this rotating list, please email us with your name, a link to your Wish List or PayPal or an email for e-transfers. If you wish, you may personalize it with a profile picture and an introduction.