Ethical Sourcing

Our commitment to Social and Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental Impact:

​We are highly conscious of the environmental impact of the textile industry and e-commerce. To minimize waste we have been intentional in finding the most sustainable options:

  • Our manufacturing partner is committed to environmental sustainability, not only in their sourcing but in their workplace practices.

  • We use genuinely “zero waste, zero trace,” PVOH garment bags that completely dissolve in warm/hot water leaving no negative impact on the ocean, marine life or wildlife FAQ – End of Life | aquapak .  

  • Our tags are handmade and hand cut Nepali Lokta paper (fully renewable resource) and are curbside recyclable. 

  • Our ‘sticky’ labels are compostable with adhesives that carry an "OK compost" certificate. 

  • Our apparel mailers are made from 100% recycled paper and are 100% curbside recyclable.

  • We work hard in our own operations to ensure nothing compostable or recyclable ends up in a landfill.

  • We do our own packaging and shipping, reducing unnecessary waste that comes from working with large fulfilment centers 

  • We receive our apparel shipments in large quantity, as opposed to multiple small shipments, which reduces packaging and fuel consumption.

  • In receiving our shipments, whenever possible we will choose modes of transportation that emit the fewest greenhouse gasses and cause the least harm to the planet and its inhabitants.

Social Impact:

Social impact is central to our existence and is reflected in:

  • Our manufacturing partner Purnaa, who offers a detailed breakdown of social impact here. In short, Purnaa is an extraordinary employer helping previously exploited workers and survivors of human trafficking gain skills in a supportive environment that prioritizes living wages, health benefits, educational scholarships, and other community building initiatives.

  • Our models -- the majority of the models we contract are Disabled/have disabilities (visible and/or invisible/hidden). We also include non-disabled allies to model our clothing, as they play a vital role in making room for different.

  • The use of our website and social media to:

    • Remind the world that Neurodivergence and Disability are essential to the Diversity Movement. Diversity is not diversity if it excludes up to 25% of the population. 

    • Educate and engage neurotypical/non-disabled allies and communities. The vast majority of the sources we feature are persons and/or groups made up of Neurodivergent, Disabled, or otherwise marginalized people.

    • Researching and sharing information on (primarily local) resources and advocacy groups.

    • Sharing the voices of people with high employment barriers due to systemic injustice. These are people who may be living off an unlivable disability income or working through intergenerational trauma on or off reserve. Or they may be working in a traditional job without a living wage. They need direct help, and they need it now. Their needs cannot wait for a charitable organization's consideration, and they cannot rely on  the unfulfilled promises of government systems that exclude them.

    • Highlighting Change Makers championing various aspects of inclusion, and challenging all of us to engage with their good work or public campaigns.

  • As a small start-up, we have started making donations to initiatives with a progressive view of neurodivergence, disability, mental health, and ending marginalization, trusting that we will grow in capacity and be able to increase our donations.

  • Our prices reflect fair trade, sustainable practices, and our intention to keep prices reasonable.

  • For those who would like to purchase a piece of our clothing for interested customers who cannot afford it, just send us an email and we’ll arrange it for you.


We acknowledge that Chromosome operates on land belonging to the Kwantlen, Katzi, Matsqui, and Semiahmoo Peoples.

Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome.