Privacy Policy

We like to know our own digital privacy is protected, and we assume you feel the same way. We are not businesspeople by nature, and so we do not see you through a traditional business lens. We're not in the business of collecting information for the purpose of taking advantage of you, nor are we in the business of selling your information.

The truth about what we want to sell 

  • Our primary aim is to sell you the truth - that inclusion is essential to a healthy society - because we and/or people we know and love experience discrimination for being Disabled or otherwise different. We want to share our information with you - and not the other way round - so that you can share it with others. Check out the Community section of our website to learn more about the social model of disability and share it within your social circles.

  • We’d also like to sell some clothes primarily so one of our founders, who is Disabled, will have access to work in the fashion industry and support her to set up a business from which she might one day profit, that is, if folks buy and/or encourage others to buy our apparel. 

  • We're not interested in your personal and financial information. We’d probably forget to look at our analytics report if it wasn’t sent to us by our platform or Etsy shop (for example, a report that tells us the number of people who've visited our shop in the last month).

Personal information

  • We do not share your personal information with anyone else ever.

  • We collect your name and address for the sole purpose of shipping our products to you. We collect that information only when you purchase a product.

  • Etsy collects the same information, and an email address.

  • If you are interested in becoming a website member to show support, we'll have access to your email address. We may send an occasional email about a special sale or a message about a social justice campaign we are running/supporting. We don't like being bombarded by emails, and we have no intention of doing that to you.

Financial Information

  • We do not collect your financial information. We have no access to it.

  • All financial transactions are currently handled through Etsy.


  • We regularly scan our website to ensure there are no unintended cookies.

  • is our website platform. There are currently 7 cookies the platform uses to run our website. All of them are categorized as “essential” except something called an “svSession” cookie which we understand is only used to identify a customer who logs in. You don't have to log into our website to purchase products, since our website store links you to our Etsy shop. You can either log into Etsy or visit as a guest. You can become a Chromosome Apparel "member" and log in if you'd like an occasional email about a special sale or a campaign.

  • Etsy manages their own cookies unrelated to our website.

This policy was updated on December 17, 2021.